Ferretti International’s portfolio of projects worldwide in the steel industry is the guarantee of renowned expertise and experience. We have been operating in the steel industry for many years, and today we’re viewed by our Clients as a leading company they can utterly rely on.
We strongly believe in our skills and human capital, and in the expertise and passion we apply in the projects our Clients entrust us: we work with them as risk partners, assuming our full responsibility.
Ferretti International’s team is specialized in the design, construction and installation of industrial complexes and special foundations for rolling mills, continuous casting, power plants, furnaces and machinery. With a consolidated expertise as a General Contractor of complete plants, Ferretti International offers solutions based on the latest quality, safety and environmental standards required by the international market. Our approach consists in working closely with the Client in order to fulfill his expectations and deliver the best solution both from a technical and commercial point of view.
Our commitment to excellence is reached through a combination of proven solutions and the continuous research into the latest technologies.

Ferretti International’s services cover the full range of industrial projects, allowing us to manage the entire life cycle of the project, from engineering to construction and installation.
Our proven track record working in lime and cement industry enables us to bid on both greenfield and grownfield projects.
Our Clients are esteemed international companies whose expectations are very high. What differentiates us from our competitors is our ability to create tailor-made solutions. For this reason our Clients consistently trust in us for their projects worldwide.
Our commitment to excellence is reached through a combination of proven solutions and the continuous research into the latest technologies.

At Ferretti International we’re well-aware of the rigid requirements demanded for the energy industry plants. The strict policies and procedures included in our integrated Quality, Safety and Environmental Management System are the milestones of our activities and they are well combined with the company’s attitude towards total Customer satisfaction.
We have been operating in the petrochemical industry from the outset of the company and, with an avant-garde perspective, we have been enlarging our range of activities to the renewable energy sector and power generation plants including gas turbine, nuclear, coal, hydroelectric, natural gas, solar and wind.
In 2011 Ferretti International achieved the CEFRI (Comité français de certification des Entreprises pour la Formation et le suivi du personnel travaillant sous Rayonnements Ionisants) certificate, confirming the capability of the company to work in an environment with ionizing radiation, ensuring a highly qualified and trained personnel that is constantly monitored through periodic medical surveillance.
We work collaboratively with the Client to add value and maximize the results of energy plants: we created a team that is specialized in studying and developing alternative structural solutions for wind turbines, in order to bring about ever more innovative and efficient projects. One of the excellent results of this highly skilled work is the construction of towers completely made of concrete, that guarantee the reduction of noises and vibrations and ensure great durability and flexibility. Moreover this construction method permits the construction of the towers with raw materials as well as prefabricated elements directly on site.