A new Plant in no time at all . We take the risks – You get the benefits


If investment projects require to revamp a plant (or a part of it), a minimized intervention time is a target to be met.

Achieving the target of reducing 75% the intervention time normally required is a goal generated first of all by the potential of Ferretti International, that is able to take care of the whole revamping process:
from the initial project feasibility study (Phase 1), to a carefully performed engineering planning and pre-shutdown off-site assembly works (Phase 2) up to the final on-site works performed during the shutdown time: dismantling and controlled demolitions of the existing plant and construction and installation works of the new one (Phase 3).

A planning department links these three independent phases and develops an accurately determined schedule of the revamping process to achieve the target of saving 3/4 of the time normally required.